Leonardo's Dream - Gliding XC Server

Andreadakis Manolis
Adresse URL du projet:
Scoring Optimization
Thomas Kuhlmann
GE extended Info Module
Emmanuel Chabani aka Man's
Airspace Checking
Some code adapted from xcsoar project
Graph Plotting:
Jpgraph Copyright (C) 2001,2002,2003 Johan Persson
2.9.01 (released 2007/12/18)
Alexander Caravitis

Many many thanks to:

  • Hannes Krueger, for his GPLIGC and openGLIGCexplorer that gave me the initial idea http://pc12-c714.uibk.ac.at/GPLIGC/GPLIGC.php
  • Kostas 'GUS' Proitsakis - Greece, for Beta testing and Map creation
  • Alexander Caravitis - Greece, for Beta testing and Map creation
  • Stein-Tore Erdal - Norway, for his excellent fightbook, another inspiration http://www.flightlog.org
  • Emmanuel Chabani aka Man's for his Google Earth extended info Module.
  • DHV for sponsoring the development of
    a) Custom rankings / National custom rankings / Club rankings
    b) Airspace infrigments checking
  • Peter Wild (DHV) , Martin Jursa (DHV) for believing in the power of open source and their valuable contributions and assistance.

Also many thanks to the following for providing translations, valuable feedback and beta testing:

I need to specially thank the following people for their spontaneous answer to my call for translators.